KONG Extreme Dog Toy Review

If you have a dog who loves to chew, then this KONG Extreme Dog Toy Review is for you! Kong dog toys are the ideal solution if your dog is a chewer. Kong trumps your expensive leather shoes every time.

One of the best parts about a Kong toy is that you can stuff peanut butter and other treats into the toy for your dog to work out. Better yet, many owners are stuffing the toy with something yummy and then freezing the toy overnight. The cold helps to soothe a teething puppy and the treat is an extra bonus that will help keep the puppy occupied for hours upon hours.

Ideal for those owners who prefer to crate train a puppy, this can be placed in the crate as an incentive for the pup to get in. While in the create, the pup will have something to help pass the time and be much more cooperative.

The only drawback that is consistent in the reviews is that the Kong does have an offensive odor when it is first removed from the packaging. Most owners wash the toy first and some prefer to soak it in mild dish detergent overnight before giving it to their pet. Apparently, the smell is not off putting to the pets.

Working to get the treat out of the middle of the Kong is half the fun of playing with it. It can take some dogs only minutes to remove the treat while other dogs will spend hours on the task. Either way, it’s a mental exercise that will help to keep the dog busy. It is also worthy of note that even if your dog gets the treat out quickly, there are still remnants of the treat in the middle and most dogs will continue licking and chewing on it long after the treat has been devoured.

It is important to keep an eye on the Kong as they can become worn, tear and become frayed. When this happens, it may be time to replace your pets favorite toy. When it begins to fall apart, it’s time to take it away and give your pet the replacement.

Available both online and in pet stores, this is perhaps the most widely sold dog toy of all time. It is also used and sometimes sold by veterinarians.

Some pet owners prefer to train their dogs with a Kong. They use them to signal that rough play with the owner is over but that the pet may continue to wind down with their Kong. It’s a perfect ‘just before nap time’ toy to get out that last burst of energy before naptime or bedtime.

Touted by owners everywhere as the ‘best ever’ dog toy, no dog owner should be without a Kong. From the moment you bring your puppy home you should have a Kong available for your beloved pet. We hope that this KONG Extreme Dog Toy Review was helpful to you.

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